Getting started with Nvidia Jetson Nano, Yolov7 and Docker - part I

jetson nano yolov7 python docker computer vision

This is the first part of what I hope is to become a 4 part series of articles about getting started with computer vision on an inexpensive computer with a powerful (but not full blown) graphical unit. It has taken me years to get to a point to be able to write about this setup and although I have found many interesting and helpful tutorials about these subjects my main goal is to write a series of articles that can get you started faster, without wasting hours on google/chat GPT queries about problems you **will** encounter.


Loading config files from an API in either JSON or XML format

react typescript json xml fetch

For a project I've been working on for a client an interesting problem came up lately. I was tasked with creating a 3D file viewer that gets its input from either a json or an xml config file. My initial idea was to use 2 props on the component jsonConfig and xmlConfig, but that would cause all sorts of other issues...


Storing Laravel database backups on Amazon S3

laravel database amazon s3 mysql backup

Backups are important. Keeping regular backups of your (client's) website's databases can be a life saver in case of unexpected events. Hopefully you'll never have to use them, but having them around, knowing you can do a rollback to yesterday's state in minutes does give you some ease of mind.